Ahmet iscimen

Antalya Psychologist - Family Counselor - Pedagogue

Psychologist Ahmet Iscimen works in Antalya. He graduated from the Middle East Technical University ( METU ) Department of Psychology in English with an honors degree. Psych Ahmet İşçimen continues his proffessional work for a long time, and he continues working intensively with individual adult counseling, child and adolescent counseling. Psych Ahmet İşçimen have completed many important trainings in the field of psychology throughout his career and successfully applied them. Some of the trainings he received;

Psychological Counseling and Therapy Trainings He Has Taken

• Individual Adult Psychological Counseling
• Family and Couple Therapy Training
• EMDR Therapy Training
• Short Term Solution Focused Therapy Training ( Dr. Nevin Dölek )
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training (Prof. Doctor Hakan Türkçapar)
• Schema Therapy Training
• Psychological Counseling Education for Children and Adolescents
• Play Therapy Training
• Marriage Therapy Training
• Divorce Therapy Training
• Sexual Therapy Counseling Training
• Family Counseling Training
• Parental Counseling
• Filial Therapy

Antalya Psychologist Ahmet Iscimen

Client Comments


Ze… T… ( Client )

I feel very lucky to have met Psych Ahmet Iscimen. Even my relatives could not believe the change in me during this process. I applied to him in a depressed and exhausted state, I was not enjoying life in the slightest. He made me realize the reasons for this. He showed me what I needed to change, and he also helped me to establish much healthier relationships, so I thank him very very much.


Fu.. A… (Client)

Hello, I received about 8-10 sessions of counseling from Psy. Ahmet Iscimen. When I first came, I had a lot of question marks in my mind, I was biased towards the process, frankly, I didn’t have much expectations. He excited me with his competence and knowledge from the first session and increased my faith. From the second session, he started to apply the technique called EMDR. We went over my problems, talked about them and made sense of them. I feel much better now. We ended the sessions because we solved my main problem, but I will miss having sessions with him again. Thank you here as well.


M.Z. ( Client )

I was someone who had panic attacks for years and I got help from everyone you can think of. But I couldn’t find a solution, the drugs I took were good for me but it didn’t always work. I got help from Psych Ahmet with the suggestion of a friend. At first I didn’t have much faith, but his confident attitude, professionalism and telling me about the therapy process gave me a ray of hope. I got rid of panic attacks and depressive life, it was very good for me.  And most importantly, I am not afraid of having an attack. Thanks to you, I am in this situation and thank you very, very much. I was a person who did not believe in psychological problems, but after what I went through during the covid period, I learned by experiencing how psychological disorders destroy people and turn everything into a dungeon. During the covid period, I lost both my relatives and I was in intensive care, this made me live with the fear that something will happen at any moment, I started to control my body constantly and startled at every sound. Even everyday things made me afraid. I couldn’t take a shower alone, I was afraid of not being able to sleep and wake up, and I couldn’t even eat, thinking that what I ate could kill me. Psych Ahmet came to my rescue in this difficult period, The EMDR therapy he applied and the conversations we had made me get better day by day. Now I can live my normal life, my fears have decreased a lot, I’m almost back to my old self. Thank you very much, God bless you.


Öz… H… ( Client )

My daughter was 7 years old and we had a bedwetting problem. We made an appointment with Psychologist Ahmet Iscimen on the recommendation of our class teacher. He first had a detailed conversation with my wife and me. At first I thougt this session will be unnecessary, but it was efficient, most things became clear in my mind about the process, we learned what to do during the play therapy process and what we had done wrong until today. Both my wife and I tried to implement what he said. The result was really great. Apart from solving my daughter’s bedwetting problem, there have been many positive changes in my daughter. She became a happier, talkative, self-confident person who voices her problems. We did not expect such results in such a short time. We loved Ahmet very much, thank you very much again.


D. ( Client )

A specialist to whom I took my daughter understood how bad my condition was and suggested Psych Ahmet to get counseling. I started to get counseling from Ahmet and I entrusted myself to him. I say I’m glad I went because I had childhood traumas, disagreement with my wife, even divorce threshold and problems in the family, but thankfully I feel very healthy and very good now. Ahmet’s way of speaking and calmness gives peace to people. His guidance opened my horizons, gave me confidence and I found myself again, I recommend it to everyone around me, I’m glad I got to know you, thank you very much.


Mert B… (Client)

Last week, we finished the process that we started about 3 months ago. Fortunately, I started this journey with Psych Ahmet. From the first session, I felt that Ahmet understood me and could help me. He not only listens to you patiently but also helps you understand your problems and find solutions with the inferences and questions he asks throughout the session. In this process, he never forced, I did not understand how the sessions were ending. When I look back, I have overcome a difficult and tiring process for me much more comfortably and with pleasure, thanks to  Ahmet. I always feel your support, I’m glad you touched my life.


So…. ( Client )

First of all, I would like to thank Psychologist Ahmet for his sincerity, smiling face and feeling of trust. This approach was very important to me, not to be judged, to be understood and most importantly to be able to trust. You provided these to me in the first session, so I was willing to come to the sessions as soon as possible and share my experiences and make the right evaluations with your different perspective. I am glad that I chose you. I would recommend anyone who wants to get psychological support to get to know you.


Ye… Nu.. ( Client )

My boyfriend cheated on me, so I got psychological support from Psych Ahmet Iscimen. This wasn’t the first time I’ve been cheated on, it was my cycle. The sadness, disappointment and helplessness I experienced in every relationship caused me a lot of pain. While I was questioning myself why I am experiencing this all the time, I started to search for a psychologist on the internet and as a result of the comments I read, I made an appointment with Ahmet. I had a lot of enlightenment and I came out of each session by gaining awareness and very surprised. The therapy I received made me see the parts about me, at least I learned very well what I should or should not do in a new relationship. You gave me hope again, you erased the pain I experienced and made me a happier person, I am grateful to you.


Bu… C… ( Client )

I am 36 years old, married and have 2 children. Unfortunately, I found out 5-6 months ago that I was cheated on. I was in a very difficult period, I did not want to meet and talk to anyone. I wasn’t in a position to talk to anyone, I didn’t know what to do or how to behave. I decided to get psychological support and made an appointment with Psych Ahmet. He is very knowledgeable and understanding. He listened carefully to me patiently every session. After about 2 months of sessions, I now feel like a strong woman who knows what to do, regained her self-respect, and most importantly, I am a strong woman. I overcame a very difficult period thanks to Ahmet. I would recommend him to everyone, and I would like to thank him again from here.


G… ki… ( Client )

Ahmet is a wonderful Psychologist, he is warm, friendly, smiling and very professional. Thanks to him, I have overcome my social phobia to a large extent. The question of what people think no longer flashes in my head like a lightning bolt. I do not have the thought and worry as if everyone is watching me. You liberated me, I’m glad I got to know you, thank you.


Az.. Ö.. K.. ( Client )

While I was looking for a psychologist in Antalya for my intense anxiety problem, I applied to Psych Ahmet Iscimen. His resume and comments on the website impressed me and made me choose him. I continued my weekly sessions for 2-3 months. He was an expert and knowledgeable in his job, just as described. He never forgets what is said and listens to you very carefully. The inferences he makes throughout the sessions make you feel as if you are chatting with someone who understands and knows you better than you. Thank you for everything Ahmet.


Bu…. U.. ( Client )

While looking for a psychologist in Antalya, I knocked on Psych Ahmet’s door as a result of the comments I read about him. My 5-year-old son started showing signs of jealousy after his brother was born and became withdrawn or aggressive. With the guidance of our classroom teacher, we decided that we should get play therapy. We made an appointment with him. His contribution to my son is enormous. We have seen many developments in just a few months. Everyone, especially our teacher, noticed this change, and we were very happy. Thank you very much for your help.


Ka… D.. ( Client )

I am a 17 year old high school student. We meet with Psych Ahmet for my exam anxiety problem. He is really knowledgeable and competent in the process. He became both a psychologist and a mentor for me, he always made me feel that way. I love him so much, thank you so much.


Mer… H.. ( Client )

Hello, my name is Merve. At the end of my sessions, I wanted to write a comment to Psych Ahmet on my satisfaction. If you have a panic attack problem like me, you can choose Ahmet without thinking. He gives homework, applies EMDR, tries different methods. He is an expert in his field, I am very satisfied, I recommend.


Sevda K… ( Client )

I have been married for 3 years. My relationship with my wife has never been very good, but lately there has been a great disconnect between us. We weren’t communicating, we weren’t sharing, we weren’t spending time with each other, and the worst part was, we weren’t aware that this wasn’t normal. We started to get further and further away from each other. We are both working people and we always thought that the problem was due to lack of time. Psych Ahmet came across me by chance on social media. The comments of people in a similar situation to me caused me to make an appointment with him. When I entered the first session, I was confused, I didn’t even know my problem exactly, I was only aware that I was not on good terms with my wife and I was unhappy. He made me feel very comfortable in the first session, listened carefully, understood my problem, analyzed and asked some questions, made me think. I thought about the first session and what Ahmet said for a week. The second session was very different for me. Now I knew my problem, understood what I wanted to solve, and best of all, I trusted Ahmet. My support process took 2 months. In this process, we talked about many issues related to my past, especially my problems with my wife, and we made sense of it. He is a very good psychologist who understands you and really wants to help you, thank you for everything.


Y.. d.. ( Client )

I reached Psych Ahmet over the internet, I had many surgeries and I was in constant fear, my psychology deteriorated, I was wondering if these surgeries would continue, and I started to get depressed, so I applied for a session. During the time we spent with my psychologist, I found him very affectionate and very sympathetic. He is very knowledgeable and persuasive on the subject and of course I would recommend him to the people around me and thank you for your support.


M… Yay… ( Client )

My 4-year-old son, Baran, is a very angry and naughty child. No matter what we did lately, he started not to listen to us and started to react by crying all the time. We found Psychologist Ahmet by researching places that provide play therapy in Antalya. We received support for about 2-3 months during this process, Ahmet not only took care of our son, but also gave us very important information and guidance about parenting. There are great developments in my son right now, he has tantrums from time to time, but now we know what to do and how to treat our son. Thank you very much for his contribution.


Um… A… ( Client )

My daughter is a high school student and as the exam approached, her anxiety started to increase and this course seriously reduced her success and she came to the level that she did not even want to go to school anymore. As a result of the search I did, we got support from Psych Ahmet. He first met with us and got detailed information from us, and after talking to my daughter, he held separate sessions with us. He told us that we could see the mistakes we made and that my daughter would get better sooner if we changed. Although it was not easy, we started to approach it differently and my daughter continued the sessions and she started to get better day by day. The therapy helped me to improve my relationship with my daughter and communicate better. I would like to thank Ahmet for being the light for us in this difficult process.


Se… T.. ( Client )

We decided to come to Psych Ahmet İşçimen for my daughter’s social phobia. My daughter didn’t want to go to the psychologist at first, but she wasn’t too negative. She felt lonely at school, avoiding social situations. Previously, we thought that this situation would be temporary, we gave time to our daughter, but it did not continue like this. My daughter became very withdrawn and started not to talk to us, and we could tell that she was unhappy. Ahmet did about 9-10 sessions with my daughter. In this process, he gave us information and guidance from time to time. As parents, we realized that we had mistakes and tried to correct them as much as we could. My daughter Azra started to go to the sessions with pleasure and became a more positive social person. His communication with us was also increasing. My introverted daughter even started to tell us about her sessions and about Ahmet over time. Azra’s sessions are still going on. She does not seem to leave his psychologist. Thank you for changing our lives.


Ela Ç.. (Client)

At a time when I felt exhausted, I found Psych Ahmet. My 5 year relationship was over and I felt like a fish out of water. I didn’t know what to do. It was impossible for us to reconcile with my boyfriend, but I didn’t know how to go on with my life without him. I decided to get psychological support and made an appointment with Ahmet. He started use EMDR technic with me. I trusted his competence throughout the process, he already makes you feel his mastery of the process from the first session. I feel very good right now, I got out of the depression caused by the pain of separation and focused on my own life. It was all thanks to Psych Ahmet, so glad to meet him.


Sel.. D.. ( Client )

I am Selin and I am 15 years old. I decided to get psychological support voluntarily, and with the support of my family, we started searching and found my Psychologist Ahmet. He may be the person who understands me the best, I felt that he was listened to with sincere interest in me in every session. I don’t know how, but my Psychologist Ahmet didn’t forget anything I said. We solved most of the problems I had at school. My teacher Ahmet taught me that I should look at things differently. He told me to value myself, love myself and think about myself too. I call him my psychologist, but I see him as my older brother. Glad I went to him.


M.. Z… ( Client )

We have sessions for about 1 month wtih Psych Ahmet. I have been in a closed state for a long time, I was doing nothing but thinking all the time. We are moving forward with my psychologist by solving all the feelings of fear, stress and helplessness one by one. The process is going very well. The explanations he brings to the problems, his patient approach and tolerance are very good. He showed me how I could get out of this difficult situation I was in, and he did it using professional techniques, I would recommend it to everyone with a peace of mind.


…ak o … ( Client )

We wanted to get a session for our daughter. My daughter had problems such as speech retardation and bedwetting for more than 5 months. We trusted the sincerity and experience of Psych Ahmet, he helped us a lot, he quickly identified the problems and we solved them together, I’m glad we met, my daughter is much better now, thank you.


N… L…. ( Client )

My son is 3 years old and we had problems during the toilet training period, and our child was constantly having moodiness. We thought about getting support and because we wanted the best for our child. We searched thoroughly, read the comments, consulted with some of our friends, and as a result, we came to Psy. Ahmet İşçimen. He read our son as if he were reading a book, and showed us things that we were not even aware of. We saw the things that the child internalized, the things that he was stuck on, and Ahmet guided us very well in this regard. When we dealt with these issues as he showed us, the moodiness and problems disappeared. He is an expert in his field and knows very well how to communicate with a child. My son adores Ahmet, we both look forward to the meetings, we are excited to see what we will learn in these meetings, thank you for supporting us in every sense.


S… de… ( Client )

My daughter is 7 years old, we went to the session for her. We had a total of 5 sessions, after his new brother, his anger problem and jealousy problem increased a lot, we could not communicate and we could never talk. As parents, we made some changes in our own behavior, Ahmet showed us the causes of our daughter’s problems very well as an observer and we gained awareness. After the talks with my daughter, my daughter’s temper became very soft, and my daughter was happy to be a part of this solution. Even though we had some difficulty in bringing it to the first session, my daughter got used to it and started to want it herself. He has also contributed a lot to us, he is really professional and caring, he balances this well, thank you.


Mü.. As.. B.. ( Client )

After long searches, I made an appointment with Psy. Ahmet İşçimen. I felt depressed and exhausted for a very long time. I had no desire to do anything. I can say that I was like the living dead. With the urging of my close friend, I decided that I needed support and found Psychologist Ahmet. During the sessions, I tried to do what Ahmet said and I came for about 3-4 months without interrupting my sessions. It’s been a tough ride with ups and downs for me. But I have always felt the support of him and I left myself to his control. Of course, our sessions continue, but I wanted to thank Ahmet for all he has done so far. Compared to my old days, I am much better now, as if I look at life from a different window. I can talk about any subject comfortably with Ahmet and I know that he is always by my side. If you feel tired and exhausted from life like me, you can definitely make an appointment with Psychologist Ahmet iscimen without thinking.


Nu… S.. ( Client )

My daughter Beste is 14 years old and she was preparing for exams. Beste is both hardworking and intelligent. She is also someone who has always successfully completed her courses with high grades. But in the last year, she could not get the grades she wanted due to stress. She started to fail to show his success and knowledge in important exams. If she didn’t get the score she wanted, she was getting more stressed and getting more low, we seemed to have entered an endless cycle. We decided that we needed support and found Psych Ahmet İşçimen. First of all, Ahmet is a very knowledgeable and competent person. In the first session, he talked to both us and our daughter. He informed us about the process. Afterwards, it progressed well, we trusted Ahmet and we started getting very good returns in a very short time. He is someone who touched my daughter’s life. We thank you, it’s good that we got to know you.

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